Create the Writing Life You Want

Create the Writing Life You Want

For those of us who enjoy to have fun with words, it’s like standing in front of an assortment, agonising over which specials to attempt. You can potter regarding with your writing as a completely wonderful leisure activity – creating wedding celebration speeches, penciling dreadful doggerel for people’s birthdays, or writing stories to delight your children.

Or you can work at it, hour after hour, determined that your publication is going to be the next bestseller. You can choose the writing life that’s perfect for you now, then alter direction later on, as your circumstances change as well as your experience expands.


I’m mosting likely to service a presumption right here – that you in fact like composing. (I can not picture any various other reason you would certainly be reading this short article. If you don’t like to compose, why are you being such a masochist? There are countless other tasks around that will certainly suit you better.

Stop reading this as well as go locate one.) So, given that you like to create, you should currently ask on your own: ‘Do I like creating sufficient to do it full time, or do I want to keep it as a pastime?’

If you just intend to keep it as a pastime, then you are eased of a number of ‘obligations’ currently. Since it’s a pastime, you don’t need to make money. You do not have to please editors. You do not have to be released. You can jot in faint grey pencil on a table napkin if you desire – no one else has to review it. As well as best of all, you don’t ever before have to create anything except what you wish to write!


A lot of us are not in that situation. We either wish to compose as a paid leisure activity (which could also be referred to as ‘part-time writing’) or we intend to function in the direction of a full-time job. Let’s take a look at ‘part time composing’ first, and also presume that you would not mind being paid for what you do. (At the very least in kind – a free publication or meal for your carefully produced message.)

If you wish to be paid, after that you are faced with a specific collection of duties. You need to make sure that the individual paying you can review your job, so pale grey pencil is out. As a matter of fact, it’s highly likely that excellent clear data processing is in.

Hmmm … this is starting to sound costly. All of a sudden it’s taking money to make money. You need to purchase your career – in the form of hardware and software as well as consumables. You need to think of GST and that implies an organisation name. Your part time writing job could use up even more time, and also cost even more money, than you had anticipated. For tips on tips that make you a super productive writer, go to this link.


Wait … you have much more choices to make. Are you mosting likely to concentrate on just one type of composing (say, writing short stories for popular magazines) or are you mosting likely to peddle your words by any means that will generate cash money?

There are lots of people available that call for writers. They need wordsmiths to write their 21st birthday celebration speeches, or to create clever resumes and also application letters, or to create stylish marketing product for their organisation leaflets. If you more than happy enough to do every one of these things and more, after that you can absolutely generate a part-time (or perhaps full time) income.

Of course, you might need to advertise, as well as obtain business cards, which expenses even more cash … but do not stress: the far better you become at what you do, the a lot more your customers will certainly do your advertising for you. (” Oh, you must obtain so as well as so to do your flyer; she’s actually good …”).


Time to carry on to the Significant Writer. Severe Writers are available in two flavours: the ones who intend to compose the Great Australian Novel (or win one of the major literary honors for books) and also ridicule networking, marketing, self-promotion and also all those mundane things.

They are passionately devoted to writing literary fiction, and if it takes twenty or forty years of living off family members or keying in the evening after their day job, after that so be it. A few of these Serious Writers can write like angels and will certainly achieve what they want. Others never ever blend with anyone else and have no concept that their job is low quality or uninteresting till they obtain their initial denial. (They may not realise also when they obtain their hundredth rejection.).


The various other type of Severe Writer is the one that is identified to make a success of composing, spending as much time, power as well as cash money as is required. He is happy to network and talk with customers or editors and also other writers. Occasionally this becomes a broad-based writing occupation – this person just loves words and also crafting ended up items of creating, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction or advertising product. He is happy to be creating – any kind of sort of creating!

Not everyone mores than happy to compose whatever places bread on the table. Some writers are content to do an array of fiction (mainstream, romances, or romantic intrigue, for instance) or to target one specific category – claim speculative fiction – in both short as well as lengthy styles.

They hang around finding various other aiming writers in these categories, swap stories of near-misses and ‘good and also negative’ denials, as well as share the festivity of ultimately getting a ‘yes’. If you are identified to compose only what you intend to write, after that do not quit your day work in a hurry – it may take a while and also a couple of ‘method books’ to obtain your initial acceptance.


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