The Future Of Gaming Smartphones

The Future Of Gaming Smartphones

The market for gaming smartphones continues to develop. It will be exciting. Recently, the first copies of the toah team smartphone have been released, inspiring gamers worldwide. The ROG Phone (ROG stands for Republic of Gamers) features an AMOLED display with a lightning-fast response time of just 1 millisecond and a frame rate of 90 Hz. It features the Snapdragon 845 with a clock rate up to 2.96 GHz. In addition, the smartphone convinces with an ingenious contrast ratio of 10,000 to 1. Can conventional smartphones compete with such a phone?

Are gaming smartphones the future?

In the Android market, gaming smartphones have become more and more established. Developers are orienting themselves on newly released models and trying to improve them even further. There are plenty of accessories for the ROG that can provide additional inspiration. A dock shows on a second lower screen what is happening on the screen of the smartphone above. Small details also make a difference when it comes to gaming, such as the headphone jack and the USB type C port, which are located at the bottom of the device – so there are no cables to disrupt gaming.


So there are a lot of technical subtleties that can lead to a good gaming smartphone. Although there are very good smartphones for non-gamers, a smartphone like the ROG is not aimed at the general market, but especially at gamers. However, many gamers’ needs are the same as those of traditional gamers. Things like improved displays and fast response times are good for almost any need, and who doesn’t need a long battery life?

In addition, new foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy X show that two displays, similar to those offered by the ROG smartphone dock, can be quite useful on one device. Such mobile phones allow the user to use, operate and fold two displays independently of each other when not in use. Of course, they have strong glass, as the mobile phone often lies on one of the displays. The ROG phone is equipped with Gorilla Glass 6, which should be able to withstand a fall from a height of 1 meter about 15 times and is more flexible than the display of many other smartphones.

A gamer is no longer a gamer

Mobile gaming is also in demand in many areas today. Nowadays, it’s not just die-hard gamers who want to bring the gaming experience to their mobile devices, but fans of games like Pokemon GO or Facebook games like Farmville.

Asus sees future in mobile gaming, therefore changes strategy

Hardware manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc. wants to restructure the company. (Asus) will realign its smartphone division and concentrate more on models for players and power users in the future.

Only gaming smartphones? Smartphone models from Asus, such as the ZenFone series, have never been able to gain significant market shares due to the strong competition among the various manufacturers.

In October of this year, the market launch of the Asus ROG Phone was the first in-house model specifically designed for players, which the Group now apparently sees as the future: In the future, the company wants to “concentrate primarily on players and power users”, as the industry service Digitimes reports.

You can read it between the lines: While the previous smartphone models from Asus were unable to achieve any significant sales figures, the Asus ROG Phone apparently pays for itself shortly after its market launch – or at least most. Therefore, focusing seems only logical.

Restructuring initially costly: In order to cover losses from inventories, write-downs on advance payments and costs from the reorganization of the company, an amount equivalent to around 178.1 million euros is to be spent.

As a result, the overall profitability of Asus is expected to reach a new low in 2018 since it spun off the contract manufacturer Pegatron in 2010.

What about other Asus hardware? All departments outside the smartphone division are expected to continue to generate profits in the fourth quarter and the company as a whole is expected to remain profitable. Ultimately, the one-off expenses for the restructuring should also make the smartphone division successful in the long term.

Success in gaming notebooks, new business segment aimed at
Asus claims to have closed gaps in its gaming product range this year, resulting in increased sales of gaming notebooks during the year and annual growth of 20 percent.

Expansion target: For 2019, Asus plans to strengthen its marketing in some markets, such as the US and Asia Pacific, and expects to become a leader in both regions.


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