Tips for choice as well as installation of polycarbonate fencing

Tips for choice as well as installation of polycarbonate fencing

Every owner of a country or dacha story eventually encounters the need to install a fence around their territory. This is attached both with the need to secure the building, and to make the environment extra remote, that is, to conceal privacy from the bothersome views of passers-by.

Thankfully, at the moment, the selection of materials appropriate for the arrangement of the fencing is greater than wide. All of it depends upon your financial possibilities, individual choices as well as the objective of the fence. Many people favor all-natural products to synthetic ones, also in spite of their high price and also some drawbacks.

Nevertheless, an increasing number of commonly you can discover elegant and as if insubstantial fences made of polycarbonate. In this post we will certainly think about the main benefits and disadvantages of this modern product, its selections and price, and give some useful guidance on the choice as well as self-installation of fences constructed from polycarbonate.


Although polycarbonate as a setting up product showed up on the Russian market greater than twenty years back, it was commonly made use of only just recently. At first, it was utilized as an option to glass due to the higher toughness of polycarbonate crystals, reduced weight as well as risk-free procedure.

Then pergolas and polycarbonate sheet roof covering covers, greenhouses and other tiny structures began to appear. And also only lately the product became proactively used in building and construction and construction of different kinds of fencings. Polycarbonate is a polymeric product, a sort of plastic that is generated in the form of sheets.

Depending on the structure of the sheet, the material is split right into two kinds:

  • Mobile or honeycomb – generated from plastic granules by extrusion. In this situation the sheet has a cellular framework. If you check out the cut of the sheet, you can plainly see that it is as if it includes two planes, in between which along the whole size of the vertical lintels. They are the ones that develop the shape of cells. Depending upon the density of the sheet, the cells may have additional zigzag lintels, which dramatically boosts the stamina of the product. The thickness of honeycomb polycarbonate is in the series of 4-32 mm;
  • Monolithic – understood to all, however under a different name – plexiglass. Nonetheless, the resemblance only in appearance and also mechanical properties. But the chemical structure is fairly various. Monolithic polycarbonate, unlike honeycomb, is totally clear and also can have a density of 4 to 32 mm. Weight, strength as well as, subsequently, the expense of such a product is much greater than the mobile variation.

Based upon the attributes of both varieties of polycarbonate, it can be argued that for the arrangement of fences the honeycomb product is the most appropriate. And monolithic will be an appropriate version for unique types of glazing, where it is necessary to cover a large area as well as make the framework windproof as well as secure.


As with any kind of material, this polymer has a lot of advantages as well as some disadvantages, which will certainly make it simpler for you to understand whether this material is really the best alternative for your demands.


We have currently mentioned that it is better to utilize cellular polycarbonate for fences. Now we require to figure out the density of the polycarbonate


This light-weight and contemporary product mixes flawlessly with lots of various other materials. By combining it in various versions, you can not only achieve a visual layout with high decorative homes, but also minimize the variety of more pricey products.


Prior to buying product, it is important to make an approximate or better accurate calculation of the called for quantity of product. Particularly if you have made a decision to execute the installment yourself and request for aid or return the residues of extra sheets will certainly be no place to go.


When you have actually decided on the best products, you require to prepare the website for future setup.


Self-mounting of the fence usually likewise involves independent blending of the concrete mix. For this function, a concrete mixer is leased, kept in concrete, sand, water, smashed stone and another person’s assistance. It is not advised to mix a large quantity of mortar at once up until you capture it rapidly enough to generate it. Get ready simultaneously to fill the trench in eventually.


Because time you’ll have a lot of time to construct the structure. But you need to be tempted by the suggestion that the most taxing and also intricate stage of work mores than.


The smallest thing left is to affix polycarbonate sheets to the framework. However, when collaborating with this product, you require to be careful as well as think about the peculiarities of its framework.

That’s all, you obtained acquainted with one of the most primitive sort of fencing made from polycarbonate, however based upon these referrals can create any kind of structure to your taste. And most importantly – the cost of polycarbonate cellular density of 4 mm is from 120 rubles per square meter. meter, and 10 centimeters from 300 rubles.

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