What is acupressure?

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a Chinese medicinal technique that involves applying pressure to a specific site on your body. This localized pressure allows you to “unblock” the energy and relieve discomfort. What localized pressure does is stimulate blood circulation in the area.

Previously, it was necessary to go to specialists in this technique to enjoy its benefits. However, with the development of acupressure mats, you can have liberating sessions in the solitude of your home, without the need for prior knowledge.

What is an acupressure mat?

It is a mat (mattress or carpet) that has circles with small spikes on one of its faces. These spikes, distributed over the entire length of the mat, are responsible for activating your energy points and channeling the relief of discomfort.

The design and length of the plastic tines are totally precise so that they do not generate excessive uncomfortable pain, but to adequately press the key points of your body and provide a comforting massage.

Why buy an acupressure mat

With one of these mats you can get a comfortable and simple acupressure massage when you need it. As you can see from a quick search, you can find a variety of inexpensive acupressure mats.

With a single investment you can relieve tension and body aches when you need it. This will be especially useful if day-to-day responsibilities and prolonged postures at work cause you discomfort.

In addition, acupressure mats have some flexibility of use so that you can apply the treatment in different areas of your body and with different modalities. Read on to find out how you can use your acupressure mat.

Benefits of acupressure with mats

Acupressure relaxation mats offer you physical and mental benefits, improving your quality of life. Not only are these theories about the body’s energy and the stimulation of key points, but acupressure with mats involves a series of proven physiological processes that promote our well-being.

One of these benefits is the stimulation of blood circulation, which will give you quality oxygenation and a feeling of renewal. In addition, the use of acupressure mats also activates our other circulation: the lymphatic. And, with this, a greater elimination of metabolic waste from the organism is achieved.

On the other hand, the well-being you will feel after your self massage with also comes from the release of hormones by stimulation of your nervous system.

What should I consider when choosing an acupressure carpet?

Although you may think that the simplicity of this type of products should simplify your choice, there are some features that you should know before making a choice:

Mat manufacturing materials

You will find many offers of cheap acupressure mats. But of course, better quality mats will have better materials and design and therefore cost more.

The best acupressure mats are those made of organic ecological materials and hypoallergenic plastics. We think it’s worth investing in environmentally friendly materials that care for your skin.

Mat Filling

At this very point, you must take into account the padding. Cheap acupressure mats will have lower quality fillings, with a low thickness. But if you can invest more in your purchase, you will find fabulous massage mats with quality fillers, more comfortable and offering a better distribution of pressure in your body.

In the market you will be able to find from mats with polyurethane filling to mats with coconut fibre filling. Some even have thermal fillers to make massage more pleasurable.

Size of acupressure mats

If you’re not very steeped in the subject, you may find that the acupressure mats you see in any AliExpress search are very small, compared to some sports mats. However, it’s good to know that these measurements are normal.

Acupressure mats are not designed to be used throughout the body in one session. In fact, they are usually used mainly on the back, up to the lumbar area. You can take this fact into account and choose measures that fit the length of your head and trunk, but you don’t need more.

Number of pressure points

Many of the acupressure mat vendors will tell you the number of circles on the mat they offer, as well as the number of spikes concentrated in each circle. A mat with more pressure points can provide more efficient results.

Acupressure mat with or without pillow

Some mats include a cushion that you can install over them to support your head. It’s a very comfortable accessory that you’ll probably appreciate.

The recommendation is that you choose an acupressure kit at home that includes the mat and cushion. Although you can also look for an acupressure kit at a later date, it is best to choose a combo of the same brand that includes both elements. Thus, you guarantee the same quality of material, color compatibility and consistency in their characteristics.

Ways to use an acupressure mat

Lying on your back

This is the most common method. It consists of lying on the acupressure mat in such a way that the back is on it, and stay that way for about 15 minutes. It may cost a little at first because of the discomfort, but this changes soon as your skin gets used to the sensation.

Lying on your stomach

This modality consists of lying face down on the mat, so that your massage circles are at the height of the abdomen. If you are a woman and do not tolerate the sensation in the breast area, then reserve the massage only for the abdomen and cover the sensitive area with a towel or other fabric that minimizes or blocks the sensation of the spikes in you.

If you are a woman, you may also be interested to know that many users of acupressure mats link their use to the improvement of menstrual discomfort.

On the back of the chair

If your work forces you to remain seated for a long time, you can take advantage of some moments to place the mat on the back of the chair in which you work. Since you will be working, you will hardly notice the time that passes while your body receives relief and well-being. You can also place a part of the mat on the seat itself so that your buttocks are released from the pressure of sitting for so long.