Hot stones: The best way to apply them and their benefits

Hot stones: The best way to apply them and their benefits

Hot stone massages are widely popular all over the world, this is not something new, since it is a centenary practice that has its origin in oriental medicine.

According to the basic principles of this type of massage, the human body has seven channels through which vital energy circulates (the famous chakras), according to this philosophy each of them connects with different areas and systems of the body.

Now, following the approach of this type of treatment, the placement of hot stones in these areas can help reduce stress, improve ailments, benefit the circulation, among many other benefits. That is why in this post we will teach you how to perform a massage with hot stones, as well as teach you what materials are needed to carry it out.

But before, it would be interesting to talk a little more about the advantages that can have for the human body to perform hot stone massages on a regular basis.

Relaxation of the muscles

The application of these obsidian stones at different temperatures helps the muscles of the body relax and contract so that, after the massage session, they release the accumulated tension.

Say goodbye to insomnia!

The deep and gentle relaxation produced by these massages helps to solve sleep problems. If you are having insomnia problems or have clients who suffer from it, then I recommend you run to the nearest spa or include within the services of your center (hot stone massages are applied in almost any center).

Improve circulation

In addition to helping our circulatory pathways to function better, this type of massage is perfect for maintaining a balance in the nervous system.

Aesthetic benefits

Thanks to the elimination of toxins, the improvement of circulatory pathways and the relief of stress, immediately after applying a hot stone massage, the skin begins to look much brighter and revitalized.

Now yes, these steps will help you know the best way to massage with hot stones, also called geothermal therapy …

Prepare the environment

Before providing a hot stone massage, you must have your space in order, if it is a professional level treatment you need an appropriate stretcher. On the other hand, if you prefer to massage at home, a bed or the floor is enough. You should place a clean towel or sheet on the stretcher, so your client will feel much more comfortable and confident.

To condition the environment much more, light candles with relaxing fragrances such as lavender, vinilla or eucalyptus. Another option is to place relaxing music.

Do you have the materials ready?

On the other hand, you will also need a kit of basalt stones (or obsidian), the normal thing is to have 20 or 30 stones that go from, but some professionals have 45 or 60, this kit must contain stones of different sizes (at least two of them must be 15 x 20 centimeters and 8 small the size of a ping-pong ball). In Material Estética we have the spectacular kit of 36 basalt stones.

It is a massage with hot stones so the stones must be hot, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? To heat them, I recommend using a slow cooker or a high wall frying pan.

The water must be at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius (120° F), for this I recommend you use a thermometer, although the Aesthetic Equipment already come with thermostat. After removing them the temperature will be reduced to 38° or 43° Celsius (100° or 110° F). After drying, grease them with oils so that the massages can be carried out in a pleasant way.

Talk to the client

Before starting the massage make sure the client feels comfortable, ask about the music, the fragrances and most importantly, the temperature of the stones. The last thing we want is a burned client. Remember that all skins are different, so some have more heat resistance than others.

Before starting the massage…

Before you begin, place a row of large stones on the spot where the client will support the spine (you can also make two rows of small stones to be placed around the spine), cover the stones with another sheet and ask the client to lie on them with their eyes up.

It’s time for the face

Once your client is completely comfortable, place four stones on the acupressure areas of the face, i.e. one small stone on the forehead, one on the chin (just under the lips) and two on each cheek.